Bring Love Home — taking orders now!


Bring Love Home, orders being taken now at

OK, I’m excited. I admit it.

As my 60th birthday approaches (Dec. 8, for those who insist on sending a gift), I’m finally getting a CD out — with ten originals and a handful of favorite ballads and pop classics.

I hope you like it. For a preview, you can check out a few tracks using this tune widget:

Reverb Nation Player

Of course, my buddy Andrew McRory got to hear the whole thing and his help in nailing down the final product was much appreciated. Here’s what he told me — and I only had a moderate grip on his right wrist at the time:

“Chris explores big themes in his latest release, and his powerful, emotive, pitch-perfect baritone is perfectly suited to the tracks. The live, intimate setting makes me feel as though he’s singing directly to me. A stupendous storyteller and showman.”

And my buddy over at Gravity Music, Jim Bordner, was kind enough to add a few words of his own:

“Chris’s album, Bring Love Home, is a fine recording of a great performance — one in which both his voice and his convictions shine bright.”

I’ll be adding other comments as I get them and keeping you up to date on the release, along with announcements of upcoming shows and concerts.

Bring Love Home has been a labor of love and one that a lot of my friends, family and fans have been waiting for — for years! My original songs comment on some topical issues: homelessness, marriage equality, the importance of community, dealing with mental illness in a friend, losing a lover to AIDS, and celebrating the people you choose to have and love in your life.

When the CD hysteria dies down (if it ever does!), this blog will once again take a look and comment on trends, events, and new sounds in the pop world — so hang in there, OK?

And please check out the information on my new CD. Thanks!


One Response to “Bring Love Home — taking orders now!”

  1. david a burdick Says:

    you might enjoy my band’s old album…

    band was called “sins tailor ”
    album called ” ticket for a destination ”

    artwork included in zip file……….


    david a burdick

    here’s the link

    i think it may only be up for 90 days……….if no one downloads it….email me if it disappears and i’ll re-up it…

    you can do a google search for me or the band to get more information…………..

    we used to be sold on notlame ….and we were scheduled to play the ipo long time ago when we lost our drummer….
    we are from tulsa….like dwight twilley…and 20/20

    you can send me a donation at my email address at paypal if ya feel like helpin a fella out….
    here’s my email address….

    we also still have plenty of these cd’s if you wanna buy a hard copy……….just let me know….

    i’m on myspace and facebook as well….!/profile.php?id=1125731270

    or you can always go to my bulletin board

    thanxs to all the fans….
    david a burdick

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