Greek Pop Diva Delivers!

So we flew in for a concert — maybe my favorite pop diva from Greece, Despina Vandi. Her voice is amazingly strong and versatile, her presence on stage hypnotic, her beauty intoxicating. And I’m a big old ‘Mo. Can you imagine what the straight guys were feeling.

And I was thinking — how can such a small country produce so many top pop stars? Same with places like Montreal. One thing is clear — when people live proudly in their culture and support their artists, their musicians, their writers, great things happen. A dollar spent at a concert or purchasing a CD is never wasted.

Support the ones who help us see, help us hear, help us feel. Or someday we may all forget how.

2 Responses to “Greek Pop Diva Delivers!”

  1. I’m in a band you might be interested in. We just finished an EP, is there anyway I can get you a CD for you to review?

    Shoot me an email at


  2. I’m sorry to comment here but I cannot find your contact info anywhere on your blog. My name is Jeph and I play for the Boca Raton, FL based new wave/ garage pop band The Pretty Faces. We have a new album entitled “Another Sound” that I would love you to hear and possibly review. Please email me at so we can get in touch and I can send you the album. You can visit our site at for more info. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

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