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Jim Boggia reveals some of his craft, part I

Posted in Artist, Music Business with tags , , , on November 11, 2008 by Chris

You may all remember a particularly unctuous post a month or two back when I reviewed Jim Boggia’s Misadventures in Stereo. In my defense, doesn’t the name of this blog at least hint that I might tend to gush a little from time to time?

Well, the spell hasn’t lifted. I still listen to Jim’s latest album all the time. At the risk of showing up on some stalker website, I badgered Jim with requests for an interview and, despite his better instincts, he has finally complied. Today, I give you part one of my Q&A with Jim. By the way β€” get this album!

jb-coverking jb-abbeyrd jboggia1

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Jim Boggia β€” Misadventures in Stereo a rare blessing

Posted in Album, Artist with tags , , on September 2, 2008 by Chris

I know this is Andy’s territory β€” tracking power pop masters from album to album and marveling at their almost genius ability to leverage a mind-boggling fluency in the language of pop (from unusual instruments to chord progressions to seminal guitar solos) and then create impossibly layered tracks that directly connect with generations of audio junkies, opening secret doors to our memories and plumbing the innermost chambers of our hearts. I’ve also staked out my own territory on this blog, summed up by: “It’s the song, not the arrangement.” (Aren’t you glad that second sentence was shorter? Whew!)

Boggia's love of pop music is life-long.

Boggia's love of pop is life-long and he puts every ounce of it in his music.

So, imagine my cognitive dissonance when I’m introduced (several years late, it seems) to an artist who not only handles the whole power pop schtick with panache but also crafts gem-like, beautiful songs that would grab your gut if he just showed up at the charmingly grungy coffee house on the corner and started strumming and singing. The artist is Jim Boggia and he’s just released his third album, Misadventures in Stereo.

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