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Lucky Old Sun

Posted in Album, Artist with tags , , , on July 28, 2008 by Andy

Brian Wilson is back… not that he’s ever really disappeared. As much as I love the Beach Boys, Brian’s solo stuff has been a little spotty — saying his lyrics can be corny [“Add Some Music to Your Day“] is like saying it’s hard to find a designated driver at an Irish wake. Continue reading

A is for “Arrangement”

Posted in A to Z with tags , , , on February 26, 2008 by Andy

Arrangement: N. — a particular version of a tune and its harmony

As much as I like good strong songwriting, it’s often the arrangement that Does It for me. Yeah, I know that’s a little shallow, putting the glossy production cart before the horse, but I love ear candy a whole bunch, and I’m willing to forgive crappy lyrics or a banal chord progression if somebody has sweetened the song with horns, lush vocal harmonies, a modulation or two, or other sonic goodies. Continue reading