Good Times Never Seem So Good

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If Chris can diverge into politics, I can tie pop music into baseball…

Just when you through the Red Sox would have an 8:30 a.m. tee time this morning (Friday), they pulled their bacon from the flames. Go Sox!

There’s nothing like being at Fenway — the greatest ballpark in the world, despite its flaws. Sausage and peppers cooking on the way in? MAGIC.

Feelin’ Groovy with Leonard Patton

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Leonard Patton is a local (San Diego) singer I play with occasionally. One of the most talented musicians I know, and a really nice guy.  He’s also quite short, but that’s neither here nor there.

Leonard in the Gaslamp

Leonard in the Gaslamp

He performs all over the place with local jazz luminaries like Peter Sprague, Duncan Moore, Bob Magnusson, Gunnar Biggs, and others. Here’s a bit of his poppier side, in a McFerrin vibe. Continue reading

Keane – Perfect Symmetry (drops today in the U.S.)

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After more than two years (since “Under the Iron Sea”), UK pop trio Keane releases their third major label album, “Perfect Symmetry” today, October 14, in the U.S.

Here’s a sample tune (“Spiralling”):

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All I’ve Got is Your Autograph…

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So the world’s luckiest man is now officially too busy to sign autographs.

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Josh Fix Speaks – Interview pt. 2

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Here, as promised, is the continuation of a conversation I had with Josh Fix a few weeks ago…

If you squint, its almost like Im holding my arms around a giant fro.

If you squint, it's almost like I'm holding my arms around a giant 'fro.

I’ll be in SF this weekend. Tell me about your favorite restaurant.

Izzy’s Steak and Chops! Enough said.

Powerpop artists are notorious (not saying that’s a bad thing) for wearing their influences on their sleeves. Some of your songs from “Free at Last” trigger an immediate “influences” response in me. Tell me what you think…

“Whiskey & Speed” — Brian May guitar choirs

Guilty as charged.  But let me explain: it’s not that easy to get the sound like that. So, I’m really proud that I got some of them to come out that way. The key actually lies in getting a rather small and shitty sound out of each individual guitar, so that only together do they conjoin into a megarrific “guitarmy.”  Same with the vocals- It’s a counterintuitive process, but sometimes less really is more.  I think all the guitars for that song were done in my closet, and then “flown-in” during the main mixing sessions.  Damn, I love computers sometimes! Continue reading

Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks”

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Here’s a band I only had a cursory relationship with… I basically had just heard their name, and a comparison to a “slightly experimental Weezer.” Tape loops, layered noise, etc… not really in my wheelhouse, but I can respect the effort.

Were so indie!

"We're so indie!"

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Josh Fix Speaks – Interview Pt. 1

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The more I listen to “Free at Last,” Josh Fix’s recent powerpop opus, the more I think it’s probably the best album I’ve heard all year. But man can’t live on liner notes alone — I needed to know more.

So I asked.

Give me pensive.

Give me "pensive."

Hey, Josh! On my iPod, you are sandwiched directly between Jools Holland and Journey. Care to comment?

Well… simply BEING on someone’s iPod is awesome in and of itself, no matter whom you’re sandwiched between! But your question prompted me to check where on MY iPod I was: between Johnny Cash and… Journey (and I didn’t even know I HAD Journey on my iPod, haha!)! If you do it by album, “Free At Last” is between “Franz Ferdinand” and “Fresh” by Sly And The Family Stone. Either way, pretty cool. Jools Holland is a badass, by the way. Continue reading

“One Day More” — music and politics, again.

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OK, this is too good not to share immediately with all of you.

My thanks to blogger buddy Ed Chisholm for passing this on to me. This recently showed up in Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish. Thanks Andrew. Where it came from before that, I don’t know. Yet. We can all investigate the video’s origins and the talent behind it later. For now . . . enjoy.

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Answer: International Pop Overthrow

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Question: What is something I would like to attend once before I shuffle off this mortal coil?

For those who aren’t down with IPO, it’s:

  • similar to SXSW (except not stuck in one geographic location)
  • a festival devoted to music, not film or other pop culture segments
  • fixated obsessively (not unlike your faithful blogger) on powerpop bands, newbies and vets alike Continue reading

The Day the Music Died? Not on my watch!

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This is a short one. But first of all, thanks for the great response to my review of Jim Boggia’s new album. You can look forward to an interview that Jim and I will be doing via e-mail in the next week or so. OK, now on to my topic of the night . . .

Do everything you can to elect the Obama-Biden ticket.

Do everything you can to elect the Obama-Biden ticket.

I’m forcing myself to listen to speakers at the Republican National Convention. Rudy Giuliani has finally brought the crowd to its feet and, more than any of the others, he has tapped into the deeper dynamic of this event. As a warm up, they chanted “USA.” And then “Boo” to the Democrats. And then laughed at the fact that Barack Obama was a community organizer. More like a collective snicker from a sea of well-fed, red-nosed faces. And their latest chant? “Drill, baby, drill.” Good for Rudy. He has revealed the true bile of the modern Republican Party — equal parts cynicism, mean-spiritedness, fear, and greed. Excuse me for my over-simplification, but there’s too much at stake in 2008, after eight years of nearly unbearable frustration, to let the Republican’s “Cave of Echoes” disorient us again.

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