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“One Day More” — music and politics, again.

Posted in Pop culture, Social Change with tags , , , , on September 13, 2008 by Chris

OK, this is too good not to share immediately with all of you.

My thanks to blogger buddy Ed Chisholm for passing this on to me. This recently showed up in Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish. Thanks Andrew. Where it came from before that, I don’t know. Yet. We can all investigate the video’s origins and the talent behind it later. For now . . . enjoy.

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The Day the Music Died? Not on my watch!

Posted in Social Change with tags , , on September 4, 2008 by Chris

This is a short one. But first of all, thanks for the great response to my review of Jim Boggia’s new album. You can look forward to an interview that Jim and I will be doing via e-mail in the next week or so. OK, now on to my topic of the night . . .

Do everything you can to elect the Obama-Biden ticket.

Do everything you can to elect the Obama-Biden ticket.

I’m forcing myself to listen to speakers at the Republican National Convention. Rudy Giuliani has finally brought the crowd to its feet and, more than any of the others, he has tapped into the deeper dynamic of this event. As a warm up, they chanted “USA.” And then “Boo” to the Democrats. And then laughed at the fact that Barack Obama was a community organizer. More like a collective snicker from a sea of well-fed, red-nosed faces. And their latest chant? “Drill, baby, drill.” Good for Rudy. He has revealed the true bile of the modern Republican Party — equal parts cynicism, mean-spiritedness, fear, and greed. Excuse me for my over-simplification, but there’s too much at stake in 2008, after eight years of nearly unbearable frustration, to let the Republican’s “Cave of Echoes” disorient us again.

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