Is it just me or . . .

So I’m listening to the “Meet Glen Campbell” CD (amazingly successful project, in my opinion) and wonder why the vocal track on the first song is so drowned out by the production — his vocal presence on other songs is right up front, which is the way I like it.

Enough quibbling . . . Here’s his cover of Tom Petty’s “Walls” — which I can’t stop listening to. It hits me hard, like “Wichita.”

So who else is annoyed (or delighted) by overbearing production levels on projects that feature great vocalists?

One Response to “Is it just me or . . .”

  1. John Nelsen Says:

    You guys should check out a band in Portland Oragon. The call themselves “The CRY!” I found them today at and was seriouslt blown away….. really… we got to get the word to Power Pop lovers that a energetic wave is coming from the west…
    ( P.S. Modern cinderella is a particularly good track)

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