Keane – Perfect Symmetry (drops today in the U.S.)

After more than two years (since “Under the Iron Sea”), UK pop trio Keane releases their third major label album, “Perfect Symmetry” today, October 14, in the U.S.

Here’s a sample tune (“Spiralling”):

They’re known for their “no-guitar” group configuration, only rarely using guitar (and bass for that matter), relying on Tim Rice-Oxley’s unique chord voicings (and guitar effects pedals) on old Yamaha CP-70 and other electric pianos to convey a guitar-ish sound. I believe a variety of Apple computers (running Logic?) supply pre-recorded bass tracks for their live shows.

However, this album seems a bit more raw and organic, with definite acoustic and electric guitar tracks in the mix, as well as what sounds like traditional Fender bass tones downstairs. An interesting departure away from that languid Coldplay/Snow Patrol-ish new Britpop sound Keane had perfected in two stunning albums. Almost a Killers-like vibe at times.

2 Responses to “Keane – Perfect Symmetry (drops today in the U.S.)”

  1. Perfect symmetry to me, reveals a more mature side to Keane. I hope they ‘wow’ the world!

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