Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks”

Here’s a band I only had a cursory relationship with… I basically had just heard their name, and a comparison to a “slightly experimental Weezer.” Tape loops, layered noise, etc… not really in my wheelhouse, but I can respect the effort.

Were so indie!

"We're so indie!"

Then I caught this clip from a Late Show with David Letterman show — terrific ’80s-sounding pop effort with soaring vocals. Also LOVE the band configuration. Looks like a Wurlitzer (overdriven) EP, a Hohner (Pianet maybe?) EP in the back, a terrific distorted Ricky bass, and drums. No guitar needed here. I kinda like that recent trend (thanks, Keane!). This is “Two Weeks” from their 2007 EP “Friend.”

[psst. That little toy-looking keyboard that Ed Droste (singer) is playing at 3:25 is a Suzuki Omnichord. Bowie used one. The more you know.]

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