“One Day More” — music and politics, again.

OK, this is too good not to share immediately with all of you.

My thanks to blogger buddy Ed Chisholm for passing this on to me. This recently showed up in Andrew Sullivan’s TheAtlantic.com blog, The Daily Dish. Thanks Andrew. Where it came from before that, I don’t know. Yet. We can all investigate the video’s origins and the talent behind it later. For now . . . enjoy.

What a great idea to come up with and what a great thing to actually pull off. Combining my favorite Broadway show in recent memory with my favorite political cause ever — brilliant!

So embed this in your own e-mail and send it to all your friends — especially the ones who don’t think our choice on November 4 is that big a deal or who actually have planned on voting for the McCain ticket. The electorate is so easily swayed by the politics of fear and manipulation, it will take all our strength to defeat that brand of politics this time around and elect the Obama / Biden ticket.

Watch it again and let the revolutionary spirit flow through your veins, let your lungs fill up with oxygen and then let loose with your own, “Yes We Can!”

Keep the faith.

One Response to ““One Day More” — music and politics, again.”

  1. Great video. It’s time for people to wake up and see that McCain/Palin is going to much worse than anything that we’ve seen yet, let alone Javert.

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