Answer: International Pop Overthrow

Question: What is something I would like to attend once before I shuffle off this mortal coil?

For those who aren’t down with IPO, it’s:

  • similar to SXSW (except not stuck in one geographic location)
  • a festival devoted to music, not film or other pop culture segments
  • fixated obsessively (not unlike your faithful blogger) on powerpop bands, newbies and vets alike

This year found IPO at a record number of cities; LA (just wrapped up in early August), San Francisco (ended in themiddle of August), Portland toward the end of August (shout out to my friend [and incredible guitarist] Jonathan Barker from Dominic Castillo and the Rock Savants!), Vancouver, and earlier in the year, Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and…. Liverpool, England. You go, faux Cavern Club!

IPO compilation #11

IPO compilation #11 - dig the Rickenbacker guitar silhouette...

And of course it’s useless to talk about a pop festival without the pop. And here’s where NotLame comes (again) to the rescue — they’ve issued a limited edition (500 pressings?) 3-CD set of tunes from IPO-sters. Some are from previously released CDs, but many are unreleased or rare stuff — 66 different bands, kids! Get yours now, but don’t do it until I have! It’s a great way to scout out new bands, especially if you can’t make it to an IPO venue, and the price ($18) is great value for what you get.

Here’s a new video from the aforementioned DCRS

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