The Day the Music Died? Not on my watch!

This is a short one. But first of all, thanks for the great response to my review of Jim Boggia’s new album. You can look forward to an interview that Jim and I will be doing via e-mail in the next week or so. OK, now on to my topic of the night . . .

Do everything you can to elect the Obama-Biden ticket.

Do everything you can to elect the Obama-Biden ticket.

I’m forcing myself to listen to speakers at the Republican National Convention. Rudy Giuliani has finally brought the crowd to its feet and, more than any of the others, he has tapped into the deeper dynamic of this event. As a warm up, they chanted “USA.” And then “Boo” to the Democrats. And then laughed at the fact that Barack Obama was a community organizer. More like a collective snicker from a sea of well-fed, red-nosed faces. And their latest chant? “Drill, baby, drill.” Good for Rudy. He has revealed the true bile of the modern Republican Party — equal parts cynicism, mean-spiritedness, fear, and greed. Excuse me for my over-simplification, but there’s too much at stake in 2008, after eight years of nearly unbearable frustration, to let the Republican’s “Cave of Echoes” disorient us again.

If you love music, then I’m betting you love its power for transformation of the soul and inspiration of the heart. And its unmatched power for social change. Please join me in lifting your voice, your vision, and your higher self to get involved in this fall’s election. Regardless of your candidate — get involved.

Don’t let a derogatory remark about your candidate go unchecked. Don’t let your friends stay on the sidelines. Be patient and relentless in talking to your parents and to all of your friends in helping them understand the issues and appreciate your passion and love for your country.

And if you’re like me, you’ll do whatever you can to thwart the Republican agenda and to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden as our next President and Vice President of the United States of America. I will not let their detractors paralyze me with disgust or distract me from the important work ahead — for our families, for our communities, for our country, and for our world. C’mon, take the pledge.

I just look grumpy here. Tonight, I really am!

I just look grumpy here. Tonight, I really am!

And let’s make sure that, not on this night or on any night in the foreseeable future, we will ever let the music die.

4 Responses to “The Day the Music Died? Not on my watch!”

  1. Drill, baby, drill??? And the RNC audience wasn’t completely freaked out by the blatant promotion of endless national dependence on oil (domestic or foreign)? Scary! This country needs prayer and this country needs Barack! Love, G

  2. I finally had the realization that John McCain is now being used by the pro-gun, pro-oil, pro-life lobbies. Palin is the new standard bearer of the RNC. They’ll just march out McCain every now and then to show his POW tags. It is scary. But not so much that it will immobilize the Obama/Biden supporters.

  3. As someone who lived, no make that survived, 8 years in NYC under Ruthless Giuliani I know all too well the deep well of bile and meanness that make up his core. The foam from his saliva forming pools around the corners of his mouth are the highlight of most of his communicating/scolding/blathering. The hypocrisy of this troglodyte is apparent to any who know of his past. The attacks of 9/11 obscure the fact that he is a life form of both low morals and low intellect. He thrives on bullying and will always be happy to be the “bad cop” while he lives by rules he finds abhorrent in others. Like all hypocrites.
    Bag this bunch together and let’s rid ourselves of them all.

  4. drill baby drill sounds nasty what we are needing right now is jobs baby jobs. We can no longer rely on oil we have to find other means. We should not be under the mercy of Repubs and Middleast OIL.

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