Early Beatles tape to be auctioned. Any bidders?

OK, it’s not huge news . . . a Beatles tape has been found that reveals the Fab Four’s playful side at an early recording session

Now, let me tell you why this story caught my attention.

Link to Billboard article

I miss the Beatles. I miss having an irreverent, talented, voice-of-a-generation (mine, incidentally) prolific band always concocting Pop’s next big thing that would delight us all. In these double-ought days of the 21st Century, I know there are groups aplenty out there that “speak” to their finely sliced constituencies but consider how much more fragmented the music market is now than it was just a decade (or five decades) ago.

Long Tail marketing assures us that we can get whatever flavor of musical genre we want but . . . I miss having a media environment that replicated the public square, where you could count on everyone viewing the same narrow channel of programming. And then talking about it. And sharing a common cultural experience. And learning from it. Or at least talking about it decades later — like it was yesterday.

The once dominant, big three TV networks had the power to bring America together for mass market moments like Elvis on Ed Sullivan, or the Beatles on Ed Sullivan or Topo Gigio on Ed Sullivan (go ahead, click on the links, but for that last one have an insulin shot ready to go). OK, there was also the Sonny and Cher show, the Carol Burnett Show. Even Star Trek, to a certain extent, was required viewing for a generation eager to sustain a rich, ongoing marketplace of ideas about the human condition.

This wasn’t meant to be blog that reveals a strong undercurrent of cultural nostalgia, that basically confirms TV Land’s business model. But I feel a hunger for mainstream cultural experiences. Somehow, Britney and Paris don’t do it for me. At the same time, I like having the smorgasbord of experiences available to me in today’s media. There’s less of a single conversation these days but, admittedly, there are many more conversations — plural. Some might say that dialog has been replaced by cacophony. Whatever.

Back to the Beatles . . . we all wanted to share in their celebrity experience, we all wanted to feel that our lives were being shaped by the same forces that influenced them. All right, sure, they went to India and we went to the mall. But we shared in a conversation about changing the world.

I hope we all get to hear the audio tape, reportedly including giggles and general cutting up. And some full cuts of some of their early hits, too. Whoever puts out the expected $10,000 for this minor discovery should share it with the world. I’ll be listening.

One Response to “Early Beatles tape to be auctioned. Any bidders?”

  1. I wish I could have the money for the bidding.

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