Lucky Old Sun

Brian Wilson is back… not that he’s ever really disappeared. As much as I love the Beach Boys, Brian’s solo stuff has been a little spotty — saying his lyrics can be corny [“Add Some Music to Your Day“] is like saying it’s hard to find a designated driver at an Irish wake.

I do really dig his 1995 collaboration with Van Dyke Parks, “Orange Crate Art,” so I’m a little excited to hear that Brian’s back and working with VDP on his (projected) Sept. 2 release “That Lucky Old Sun.”

The LA Times has a quick feature piece on the upcoming album – check it out here.

Brian Wilsons new CD Lucky Old Sun

Brian Wilson's new CD "Lucky Old Sun"

Here’s a video of “Heroes and Villains” from “Smile” (live)

And [BONUS!] — here’s a “trailer” clip of the new album itself (w/BW wackiness ensuing]

5 Responses to “Lucky Old Sun”

  1. Is there a track on the CD titled “Lucky Old Sun”? That’s a great old song from Frankie Lane in the 50s.

  2. There is a track with that title (according to Amazon), but there’s no artist/writer credit, and no preview yet, so I don’t know if it’s the Frankie Laine tune or not…

  3. Frankie Laine’s version stayed at the top of the charts for eight weeks in 1949. Others tried — Sinatra, Vaughn Monroe, Louis Armstrong, and Sarah Vaughan — but decades later (unless Brian Wilson pulls off a miracle) that song still belongs to Frankie Laine. Lyricis: Haven Gillespie, Music: Beasley Smith.

  4. I always liked the title ‘Add Some Music To Your Day’. I thought it was good advice. On the way to school (back then) I’d see 100’s, if not 1000’s of people who could have well used adding some to theirs.

    These days of course, in the age of excess we’ve gone too far the other way, with everybody in their own isolated little world adding music ad nauseam. Either that or push buttoning themselves into oblivion with their mobile devices.

    Perhaps Brian should update his song to say ‘relax – put that gadget away – add some much needed downtime to your day’?

  5. The Sunday morning gospel…i still add some music to my day! Sunflower is still one of my favorite albums…thanks for your post!

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