Jason Falkner News! [updated]

What’s up, Falknerds? Back on March 13, I mentioned that Jason’s second edition of Beatles covers-in-lullaby-format was coming soon. Well, I noticed today in my Amazon recommendations, “Bedtime with the Beatles Part Two” is due to be released on June 17!

And check out the killer cover art — man, I had that exact Yellow Submarine toy (the original Corgi) in the early ’70s, and of course, I beat the hell out of it (along with my Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car). I think it’s in a box somewhere, but I know it’s probably in dismal shape.

Bedtime with the beatles Part 2

Here’s the track listing:

1. Norwegian Wood
2. Something
3. She’s Leaving Home
4. Penny Lane
5. Here Comes The Sun
6. I Will
7. Hey Jude
8. Yesterday
9. Goodnight

5 Responses to “Jason Falkner News! [updated]”

  1. We’ll be watching for this, thanks for the ‘heads-up’ !

  2. I was surprised JF’s official site has no real info on the project… but then, it rarely does.

  3. I like the track listing of this CD a lot more than the first one – more recognizable tunes, so it may appeal more to the masses.

  4. Hi Andy and Chris –
    Just discovered your site today — If you guys are like Rosie Grier and Ray Milland, I’m like the third head who ended up on the cutting room floor (if that makes any sense, ah hell I’m sure you know what I mean)!

    Anyway, I’ve been preaching this same pop gospel since 2004 each summer on WFMU, and would love for you and your readers to check it all out:
    Pseu Braun

  5. I’ll take a look! Thing with Two Heads indeed!

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