American Idol Alert — Watch Jordin Sparks’ Drummer! (updated)

Just a bit of personal name-dropping (clears the room like a fart, I’ve found) — friend and phenomenal drummer (and a decent singer) Mike Bedard will be on American Idol tonight (Weds, April 9). He’s touring with previous winner Jordin Sparks, and will percuss (is that a word?) behind her when she fills time between vote-offs.

I’ve played with Mike a bunch of times (everything from weddings to church gigs), and he’s got terrific feel, and big ears — this kid hears everything.

And speaking of hearing things… I hear he and the rest of Jordin’s band will be touring with Alicia Keys for her “As I Am” tour. Should be an amazing show.

Mike, you suck, dude. Have a great time!

Update — looks like Jordin will appear tonight, Thursday, April 10… so many celebs got shoehorned into Wednesday’s Katrina-themed show that JS got bumped.

6 Responses to “American Idol Alert — Watch Jordin Sparks’ Drummer! (updated)”

  1. Andy — in your linguistic inventiveness, you may feel as though you coined a new term, “percuss.” But this word is actually already in existence. It indeed means to tap with a finger or instrument but it is a medical term. The doctor looks for a kick of the lower leg when he or she “percusses” you just below the knee with that little hammer. Nice post, by the way, partner.

  2. I haven’t seen Mike in years, maybe 12 or more. I went to high school with, was in marching band, and marched in the Velvet Knights Drum and Bugle Corps with Mike. When I have been asked who my all-time favorite drummer is, a few names come to mind; Carter Beauford, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich… Nope it’s gotta be Mike Bedard, period.

    Congrats to Mike, he not only has the talent, but has put in a lot of time and work.

  3. Bring it on Simon, he is so cutting sometimes but great to watch better than Paula.

  4. Will you have Mike B. please contact me at my email address as I have
    misplaced his contact info.Have tried. He will recognize my name. It will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  5. michael bedard Says:

    thanks for the post Andy.. And thanks for the comment Wally 🙂

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