Roger Manning Jr. Update!

Catnip Dynamite cover

Roger Manning Jr.’s new CD, Catnip Dynamite, has been released (in Japan, where it’s already the 19th, I suppose)! Because there’s no U.S. distributor, the price is about where it was for “Pure Imagination” (about $26). I can’t believe no American label will take Roger on. It’s available at CDJapan. Let’s see… 7.2 gallons of gas (San Diego prices) or the new album…

Update (April 4, 2008) — Just ordered it… I’ll review/comment/snark once it arrives!

4 Responses to “Roger Manning Jr. Update!”

  1. Hopefully we get lucky and this arrives on Itunes or Emusic at some point.

  2. Yeah, that would be great… although with RM’s stuff, I like to own the physical CD for some reason.

  3. Sharing a reminder there is a US Version of Roger Joseph Manning Jr’s “Catnip Dynamite” coming out February 3rd (including a physical CD) on Oglio Records! The US version has 3 bonus tracks (20 minutes) live from the Fuji Rock Festival.


    • And naturally I bought the import when it was released, so I’m hoping the US-extra tracks will be released on iTunes!

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