Free Music from Not Lame!

I truly could be none more excited. If you’re a powerpop fan, you know and love the Not Lamers.

Not lame logo

A happy mix of distributor and label, Not Lame hunts down the the prime examples of my favorite genre for their catalog, making them available to incredibly dorky fans like myself.

And now they’ve done the unpossible. They’ve become even cooler by offering free music to people just like me. And you, too. But mostly me.

It’s a very cool “blog soundtrack” to go with the Notlame blog (check the blogroll at right) — not a bad idea. I think Hopelessly Pop needs a soundtrack, too. But as we lack the ability to distribute music, ah, legally, ours will be purely hypothetical. What say you, Chris?

So head on over to NL and download this sucker. There’s a Roger Manning Jr. track on there, so you know they’re serious. I also dig the slightly lazy, guitar-driven cover of “You Might Think” by Bleu.

[newsflash]—Hopelessly Pop blogroll buddies Too Poppy have zipped all the songs into one file for easy consumption.

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