Powerpop News!

Good news, powerpop fans — Roger Manning Jr. has a new album ready to drop on March 19. For those who don’t know RMJr., he’s a fantastic keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. If you’ve heard any Jellyfish (the alpha and omega of modern powerpop, IMO), you know his work.

Here’s a link to Roger’s website, with some news about the album (shitty website design, I know… Roger — call me!). Although I love his rough-edged ’80s-tinged work with TV Eyes (collaboration with genius/my man-crush Jason Falkner and drummer Brian Reitzell), I much prefer his poppier stuff (like on the absolutely gorgeous “Land of Pure Imagination”) — the Carpenters and Bacharach influences and huge production really do it for me. Can’t wait to review “Catnip Dynamite” later this month.

Here’s a video from “Land…” (“Too Late for Us Now”)

And one from TV Eyes (“She’s a Study”—Jason Falkner singing/guitar)

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